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Sunnyside Inn, a 5,000 square feet, three-story  painted lady  has an interesting history that makes it even more intriguing than its Victorian looks.  It is a warm, inviting house you will appreciate for its elegance.

Built in 1883 directly across the street from what was then the stately Thach Hotel, Sunnyside was originallya five-bedroom inn, built to house the VIP visitors registered at the Thach.  Several documents substantiate Sunnyside as being in operation in 1883.  A map printed by Wheeler Publishing Company shows Sunnyside and the train depot, both dated 1883.  We have also seen an antique postcard with a picture of the Thach Hotel with Sunnyside directly across the street.  The card was postmarked July 1883. 

Strangely enough, the  city that water built  suffered ten devastating fires during the period of 1890 to 1945.  Landmarks like the Basin Park Hotel, the Flatiron Building and the Crescent suffered widespread fires.  The buildings were rebuilt over time, mostly incorporating stone facades. ; The Thach Hotel was not as fortunate. 

Built entirely of wood, it was totally destroyed by fire in 1933.  The stone retaining wall that surrounded the outside of the Thach still stands across the street from Sunnyside. 

After the fire and during the depression, Sunnyside served as a rooming house for up to 30 people.  The going rate was $10 a month.  By the 1970s, Sunnyside had declined to the point that it was abandoned for almost five years. 

In the early 1980s, a Mr. Paul purchased Sunnyside and began an expensive and time-consuming project to restore it to its original status -- warm oak wood trim and chair rails, original oak columns, and an unusual fireplace

surrounded by Italian marble and genuine jade tile, resurfaced.  When the house was built, the ceiling in this area was composed of metal tiles, some of which were too damaged to be used during restoration.  The ceiling in the back half of the living room remains painted metal, while the remaining usable metal ceiling tiles now line

the ceiling of the back porch -- very likely the only metal tiled ceiling on an outside porch in the area.

Antique stained glass is another attractive feature of Sunnyside.  The front door and window are original stained glass.  There are eight stained glass transoms over the interior doors of which five are original to the 1883 structure, as is the stained glass window separating the kitchen and living room.  The stained glass kitchen

cabinet doors were added in the restoration.  Original light fixtures, some adapted to both gas and electricity, are throughout the house. 

A previous owner, Gladys Fortis had spent time in Alaska and her love of the North Country is reflected in several of the furnishings in the house.  A famous Alaskan artist, Sundi, was a personal friend of Gladys, and had painted two caribou skins for her, depicting Alaskan scenes.  These are displayed in the Kyler room

and the Haynie Suite.  Several paintings throughout the house, including the dining room and an upstairs hallway, are originals painted by Gladys, exhibiting her own substantial talent as an artist.  Eureka Springs town history is filled with boom times and periods of decreasing population and visitation. 

The inn has experienced the same grandeur, followed by abandonment and, thankfully, renovation.  Since becoming mesmerized by Sunnyside in the summer of 1998, we have delved into its past and uncovered an interesting background that continues to unfold.  We greatly enjoying sharing our home with our friends and family, and hope you also have the opportunity to experience the warm, gracious living of Sunnyside Inn. 


The History of Sunnyside Inn